Review of Margaret Streets Open Art Night 23/04/2014

At Margaret Street School of Art in Birmingham, we hold regular Open Art Nights. These are exhibitions organised by students, showcasing student work.

I will now be writing for the Open Art Nights.

Follow the link below for the most recent exhibition showing works by:

John Kaden | Aimee Jordan | Jack Marder



Image taken by Nadine Jones

For more information, and to read more, visit:


‘The Passage’ at The Arches Project, Digbeth, Birmingham.


Offical poster/leaflet for ‘The Passage’, featuring my work and the work of 20 other exceptional artists from Margaret Street School of Art. The exhibition will be shown at The Arches Project between 23rd-28th May | preview evening: 22nd May 6.30-9.30 ALL welcome.


My mum the lollypop lady


Above is a image of my chosen work for my Level 5 final assessment. The piece consists of a written text (, created in order to form a stronger narrative, and 4 images depicting each member of my family including myself.

This series of images will be shown at the upcoming exhibition ‘The Passage’ held at the Arches Project in Birmingham.

Artist Statement:

I moved away from my hometown of Leicester in 2012, to the bigger (but not better) city of Birmingham. The transition from ‘family life’ to full independence has affected me greatly. The study of myself and my family household has become prominent in my practice. As a contemporary fine artist, I do not feel restricted or defined by one medium in particular. Instead, my practice is built upon displacement, my aim is to project this visually to create thought provoking work relatable to the mass audience.
‘My mum the lollypop lady’ is questioning the idea of family, drawing upon similarities but ultimately differences between myself and my family. Tragic events have lead our family to destruction, forming an invisible boundary between us all. Similarly to West Midlands artist, Richard Billingham, I observe each member of my family to understand them as individuals but also their presence within the involuntary group. There is emphasis upon my mother’s role within the family and the results of her choices on the group. As I strive for a better lifestyle, I wonder just how much my family has impacted my life. Are we bound to particular life inherited from our parents, or can we aspire to be an entirely different being?


For more information on the exhibition, please visit: