”Tall Painting”




MDF Board


MDF board 2


Artist Holton Rower creating his vibrant colourful paintings by undergoing a technique in which he called ‘Tall Painting’. To create the psychedelic waves of colour in his paintings, he would place objects over the canvas which would therefore then become part of the canvas. The paint, as shown in the video above, falls down the objects in thick or thinness depending on the speed in which it would poured. There is a sense of excitement in Holton Rowers work due to the wide colour scheme as well as  the unpredictable outcome of the painting as it ‘paints itself’.


MDF board final


Above is the outcome of my own ‘tall painting’. Acrylic was poured over glass containers which were placed on a gloss finished MDF board.  I used a mixture of 5 colours – pink, blue, pistachio green, dark green and white which all mixed together rather than creating borders of colour like Rowers work. This I feel may be due to the thickness of the paint. I had diluted the Acrylic in order to make the paint pore more fluently over the canvas. The outcome of the painting seems mystical yet disturbing. I find myself considering the idea of fireworks and then bacteria. To create the finished shape to the piece, I cut the shape out of the MDF board and sanded it down.  To protect the paint and add a certain finish, I added gloss to the piece.