Lucie Whitehead- ‘Dead To Be Iconic’

Lucie Whitehead- ‘Dead To Be Iconic’.

A blog post I wrote as part of a collaborated curation project consisting 8 students. Lucie Whitehead is a illustrator based in Birmingham. Go take a read and check out her work!


Print Workshop

Since my last post, I have completed 1 out of 2 workshop projects at uni. We were given a choice of 2 workshops out of 6 consisting of Sculpture, Painting, Print, Virtual Actual, Video and Spacing/Installation. I choose Print and Spacing and Installation, Print in which was my first workshop.  We were given a mini brief of a political theme but was informed that we could basically base the work on anything that ‘really gets you going’. After reading various newspapers I came across a very interesting quote made by American Republican Richard Mourdock in which he said that women who became pregnant after rape was ‘something god intended to happen’. I, of course, being a woman and an atheist thought that this was the perfect thing to use as a political issue for my work.

Untitled (Its a small world, but not if you clean in it) Barbara Kruger, 1990

As an artist, I am widely interested in Collage and this was something we were told to us as a starting point but stuck with me through out the project. I came across Kareem Rizk playing around on arty websites but couldn’t seem to find much information about him, I was then directed to an amazing book called ‘Cutting Edges Contemporary Collage’. I purchased the book of Amazon and pretty much fell l in love with everything inside it. When it came to creating my print, I combined 5 layers, the paper itself, a watercolour marble looking background, 2 layers of text- black and white and imagery of pregnant women.


Two original layers of the print Text (1), Watercolour Background (2), Amy Huggett, 2012.

I created an image inspired by collage and typography artists such as Barbara Kruger, Bob and Roberta Smith and Kate Moross. I had discovered Kate Moross and Vaughan Oliver in a lecture a couple of weeks before, hosted by Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. They both spoke about using typography as ‘another form of mark making’. This got me thinking about how I used typography, using it as a method of experimentation, creating a playfulness to the print which was completely ironic due to its topic. I wanted to explore the associations around colour, pregnancy and text to have something that appeared different at first impression.

Front Page for the Gaurdian’s ‘Guide’- Kate Moross, 2012

God was one of the main issue’s apparent within the print, creating discussion on god’s impact on a persons life– particularly women when dealing with an experience such as pregnancy especially when caused through rape. Contrasting with the quote made my Richard Mourdock, I used a quote taken from the bible both of which were referenced underneath each, similarly to the bible. Not only do women following Christianity face these issues but women of all sorts of religion, for example women of Islamic faith, as part of my research I read various articles on women’s rights including- who spoke of devastating events in Turkey. Although rape was an important issue within the print, I decided that I wanted to focus more so on the idea of religion and the effects religion can have on a persons choices, the idea of rape then comes after exploring the piece. Overall, I felt that the final piece could be looked at from a few angles, provoking thought on various issues and I was happy with this outcome.

Any thoughts, strengths, failures or recommendations? (the print is posted above)

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